Nickel Scramble for Kids


Friday and Saturday nights at the Spooner Rodeo start with the Nickel Scramble for kids. Kids up to age 10 will have the opportunity to scramble for nickels in the rodeo arena. Kids are divided into two separate groups; 6 years and under and ages 7-10 years old. As always our Rodeo staff and Rodeo Royalty will be on hand to assist the younger scramblers.

At 6:15pm the east-side arena gate, near the Souvenir booth, will open and the children will line up with their respective age groups near the south end of the arena, just look for the Nickel Scramble banner. The side-gate will close promptly at 6:25pm so the fun can begin! The children will stand behind a chalk line and listen as the rules are read. The Nickel Scramble sponsor for the evening will have representatives on hand to toss the nickels into the marked section of the arena (12 feet from the chalk line to the south end of the arena). When the whistle blows each group of children will have 1 minute to look for nickels. Children will scramble on their own as the parents and rodeo fans cheer them on. 

If a child finds a specially colored nickel, they’ve won Rodeo Bucks! Be sure to bring all colored nickels to the Souvenir Booth and rodeo staff will present Rodeo Bucks to the lucky winners. Children can use Rodeo Bucks to purchase food, refreshments or items from the vendor booths on the rodeo grounds. Rodeo Bucks can also be redeemed to purchase authentic Spooner Rodeo apparel and memorabilia at the Souvenir Booth. The vendors will be responsible for redeeming Rodeo Bucks at the souvenir booth to receive cash reimbursement. (Please note Rodeo Bucks may not be used to purchase beer.)

Kids, please remember to follow the Nickel Scramble Rules: No Pushing - No Hitting - No Kicking - No Tripping - Do NOT steal another child's nickels. All kids must start and stop the scramble at the whistle. Rule violators will forfeit nickels.