Mutton Bustin'

Mutton Bustin, Spooner Rodeo, Photo Credit: Kris Foust

Comparatively new is this special "rough stock" event, known as mutton bustin'. Staying on board a 'woolie' may not seem like a very awesome feat for a bigger kid, but we can tell you that it can be mighty awesome if you are down there in the five-year and there abouts category.

The folks who run this event have found that they can be assured of an ample entry list early on only to have the numbers fade away as time to open the chute gate nears. 

There are no complicated rules in this event, and about the only advice these young contestants need is the admonition to "hang on any way you can." While it is nice to sit upright like a genuine bull rider, it rarely happens. One popular style is to sprawl on the back of the sheep, face down, digging the hands in up near the shoulders or neck, with legs out near the sheep's behind. It is not guaranteed, of course, but some young riders have used it with success. 

We are proud of our young riders and wish them good luck. Parts of the arena can make for pretty rough landing and we hope they find the soft spots.

If you have a child interested in Mutton Bustin', fill out our online application. Space is limited. Please be advised that filling out the form does not guarantee a spot in Mutton Bustin'. You will be contacted if your child has been selected. 

Mutton Bustin' Application