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Spooner Rodeo's Exceptional Rodeo


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Thursdays are “exceptional” at Spooner Rodeo because Thursday night brings special kids with special needs from around the area to star in their own Exceptional Rodeo performance. Their special show starts at 6:30 p.m., before the regular Rodeo performance begins. Spooner Rodeo Committee is pleased to be able to host this popular annual event for these children. The children love their special moments at the rodeo, eagerly look forward to the experience and cherish their memories of it long afterwards.

During this 45-minute program, the children are partnered with cowboys and cowgirls who assist them in taking part in specially designed activities such as a goat relay, steer roping, 8-second rides on hand-rocked bulls and bareback horses, steer wrestling, and a flag race on walking horses. It’s a unique thrill for the kids and their grown up partners, too.

Exceptional Rodeo has been a popular part of Spooner Rodeo since its introduction here many years ago. Even though the national program was discontinued, Spooner Rodeo has kept it going here under local leadership. The children who participate are given cowboy hats, cowboy bandanas, and T-shirts, that they may keep as souvenirs of their special night at the rodeo. In addition, they will have a
lot of great memories of the fun, smiles, hugs, and your applause. The kids look forward to sharing this special night with you. Plan to come early Thursday night for this special treat – a great way to kick off your Spooner Rodeo Weekend.

This special rodeo event will be announced by Kelly Kenney, the announcer for Spooner Rodeo’s regular performances. At the program’s end, the children will receive individual recognition, trophes, and pictures of themselves with their grown-up pardners.

For more information about competing in Exceptional Rodeo, contact Sue Krantz at 715/469-3396.